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Work With Me


These 30-60 minute presentations focus on introducing a transformational concept infused with stories and practical applications relevant to your audience.

Workplace Wellness Consulting

Your company can work directly with Dr. Saundra to bring a higher level of wellbeing and wellness into your organization's culture.


These sessions can range from 90 minutes to full or half-day sessions packed with hands-on opportunities to practice the concepts being shared and ample time for personal engagement.

Wellness Week

Video Series

This customizable video series features the 7 Types of Rest framework in 5-7 minute teaching segments.


Dr. Saundra works with you to develop a 1-3 day retreat experience providing the right balance of instruction and team-building, along with ample time for rest and restoration.

Executive and Private


You can work directly with Dr. Saundra to optimize your schedule and learn effective work-life integration.

Featured Presentations

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith customizes all of her presentations to ensure the best experience for your attendees. Click below for sample talk titles and descriptions.


World you like Dr. Saundra to speak to your group? Get in touch to tell us about your event.

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